Another Strong Jamaican Woman

Jamaican women have been disheartened in numerous ways over the years, and if one should check, the number of females that have been recognized for outstanding achievements in this country is far less than the males that have been recognized. This is due to a number of factors but one of the main factors was gender inequality. Gender inequality in Jamaica can be considered obsolete since women are getting equal opportunities as men, therefore, women should be treated fairly when they capitalize on their opportunities.

Strong black women must get their fair share, they are not to be bashed or slaughtered with bitter and harsh wounding words. Portia Lucretia Simpson-Miller is one of the strongest woman Jamaica has ever produced, but people tend to overlook this because she is in representational politics. But regardless of the field that a person is in, especially a female in the twenty first century, they should be respected and get their fair credit.

People have been negatively criticizing,  but if they should open up their eyes and put insights to this they would see courage, love, loyalty, strength and vigour in this amazing woman. Courage in the sense that she is brave enough to lead a country of nearly three million people. Love in the sense that she considers herself as not just a leader but also as a mother for the entire population. Loyal in the sense that she fought without betraying the nation for decades. Strength and vigour in the sense that despite the bitter criticisms and rough challenges she has never broken down on her duty of serving her nation with pride.

Jamaicans please take a minute or two to stop and look at Portia Simpson-Miller as female without judging her based on your political view point and you will see how outstanding this lady is. Strong black women should be recognized for outstanding qualities and attributes instead of getting negative criticism all the time.


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